Commercial versus Transactional Footer

In Content Builder, the folder SHARED > Shared Content > UREL > Footers contains three footers: Footer DMS, Footer Transactional, and Footer Commercial. These footers were recently renamed to better align with the send classification they are used with.

All three footers contain the physical address personalization strings required by CAN-SPAM. They also contain the text “all RECIPIENTS” that should be replaced to reflect your audience. See our previous post on this topic. The linked privacy statement applies to all sends from Marketing Cloud. The required equal opportunity statement has recently been added.

All messages that send to a Donor Management System-sourced data extension (DMS) should be sent as Default Commercial and use Footer DMS. This footer adds an unsubscribe link that, if clicked, will remove the recipient from your future DMS data extensions. It also contains a link for the recipient to update their personal information in DMS.

Commercial messages as defined for the University should use Footer Commercial. The unsubscribe link, if clicked, will unsubscribe the recipient from your publication if you use a publication list. If you don’t use a publication list, they will be unsubscribed from your entire business unit. We talked about publication lists in the August meeting. The recording and slides are available in Past Events. An in-depth Blog post on publication lists will be coming out later this month.

Footer Transactional should be used for transactional messages. This is identical to Footer Commercial, but without the unsubscribe link.

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