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October 24, 2018 Equal opportunity statement

University communications have always required some form of the U’s equal opportunity statement. Until now, this statement has somehow escaped mass email requirements.

After consulting with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, the University is now requiring the short form of the equal opportunity statement on all mass email footers. You’ll find this statement has been added to the footers available in Marketing Cloud. If you use copies of these footers, you should update them accordingly.

October 1, 2018 Footer Announcement


A number of changes that require your attention will be implemented this fall in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Please take a moment to read through the changes below.

Changes we’re making

  • The unsubscribe link in Footer DMS for DMS-sourced emails is changing.
  • CAN-SPAM will be reactivated for most Business Units. For some time, this feature has been disabled in Marketing Cloud. In order to help enforce rules around CAN-SPAM legislation, this feature will be re-enabled, requiring all commercial messages to have an unsubscribe link in the footer.
  • The Footer DMS email personalization string has been changed to “all RECIPIENTS.” Always replace “all RECIPIENTS” with a description of your audience so the person receiving the email knows why they got it (e.g., CSOM alumni).
  • You will no longer be able to use the Forward to a Friend, % %ftaf_url% %1 functionality. It will not work.
  • Two footers are being renamed to better align with the send classification they are associated with.
    • “Footer Internal” will become “Footer Transactional.”
    • “Footer Non-DMS External” will become “Footer Commercial.”
    • “Footer DMS” will not change its name.

To find out more about how Transactional and Commercial email is defined, please see the Mass Email Requirements on the University Relations website.

What you need to do now

These changes will be rolled out to business units incrementally in Marketing Cloud starting November 1, 2018. Messages being sent in October can use either the new or the old footers. To avoid complications in sending and scheduling your messages, we’re asking that you start using the new footers and update any templates you use effective immediately.

Please coordinate with the people in your unit who have access to Marketing Cloud to make sure all your business units are switching over and have one person designated as the lead for each BU.

Deadline to switch: November 1, 2018. Any message not using the new footers will encounter an error when trying to send.

What you need to do later

As of today, you can start using the new footers or update old ones.

  • Use one of the updated footers in Content > SHARED > Shared Content > UREL > Footers.
  • Update an old DMS footer in a template or an already created email. If you choose this method, the DMS Unsubscribe Link Properties must be changed. Go into “Link Properties” and change the link URL field from % %opt_out_url% %1 to % %unsub_center_url% %1. Keep “Link to” dropdown as “Other”.

Emails scheduled to send after November 1, 2018 must be adjusted (see bullet two above). If you currently have a message scheduled to send in October, no action is required for that message.

Next Steps and Resources

Reminders will be posted to the MC User Google Group October 15, 22, and 29, 2018.

If you have questions, email [email protected]

~MC Steering Committee

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