Embedding Videos into an Email

You may be asked to embed a video into your email. This is especially popular around the holidays for greeting cards. Unfortunately, Marketing Cloud does not allow videos to be embedded directly into an email, but there is a way to fake it.

A Marketing Cloud knowledge article has these steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of your video and crop the image to the video content (remove any on-screen controls)
  2. Find an image of a 'play' button online (look for one with a transparent background)
  3. In a photo editor, overlay the image of the play button on the image of the video (typically in the middle)
  4. Save this edited image as a single image.
  5. Embed this image in your email (so it looks like a video)
  6. Link the video from your image (for example, link to your video on YouTube).

This will give the impression of an embedded video without the risk of an email client stripping it out.

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