Image Size Limits and File Types

Uploading Images

Upload images to Content Builder by dragging and dropping existing images or by browsing your computer for the image.

Image Guidelines

When uploading images to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Maximum file size: Content Builder only accepts specific file types of 3 MB or less.
  • Supported image file types:
    • bmp
    • gif
    • jpeg
    • png
    • tif
    • tiff
    • vsd

Impacts on Load Time

Image size and email weight affect your load time, and it can be risky to play with the amount of time people are willing to wait to see your messages. We know that subscribers only spend a few seconds reading email, so if they have to wait longer than they expected to even see the email, you'll lose their attention.

The easiest way to decrease load time for emails is to reduce the loaded email weight by using compressed images or fewer images.

The faster images load, the faster the email renders.

Plan for Missing/Blocked Images

If images don’t load on your recipients’ email, it may be impossible to get your message across. To prevent loss of your message, include descriptive alternative text (alt text) for your images.

Optimize Your Email Size + Load Times with Litmus

Request a Litmus Checklist for Templates from University Relations to check for file size, load time, and broken links.

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